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Othona Psalms                                                    

These, 53 psalms in easy settings, were published in !976. Since then there have been two revisions.
The most recent revision is the most radical, a response to Sallie McFague’s Models of God (1987). These models are “God as mother, lover, and friend of the world, and … the world as God’s body.” They replace those “of God as lord, king, and patriarch, with the world as his realm.”

The psalms are freely available for download in two PDF versions: single line (+ guitar chords) & keyboard.
Copies may not be altered or sold. If an item is published in a service sheet attribution and copyright details must be included.


Twelve canticles from Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and Moslem sources are freely available for download. The conditions of use are the same as for the Othona Psalms.

Hymns & Songs

A selection of original hymns and songs are also available for free download.