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Julia and I have moved to Edinburgh.

Looking after two acres of land, 1,000 pollarded willows, 12 cider apple trees and a polytunnel were beginning to prove too much. Also the house was demanding some loving attention.

We wanted somewhere that was not 25 miles from the nearest hospital and 15 miles from the supermarket. We also desired easy access to concerts, films, plays and art.

We looked at Edinburgh and found just what we wanted. Julia discovered a maindoor flat near the centre with a small front garden and access to a large one at the rear, which she now manages.

Free bus and coach travel has enabled us to ditch the car.

I am troubled by the lack of knowledge about Christianity, not so much a lack of faith but an absence of understanding. I was never much enamoured with RE in schools but it was better than nothing. If attending church is not the answer, what is? That is a question I asked the Othona Community to consider. Now I am writing an introduction to the Gospels for atheists. I am also a third of the way through an introduction to classical music for virgin ears. It will be in three volumes. Volume 1:'The Orchestra' is available on Kindle.

These three books are available from Amazon. The Autobiography is also on Kindle.


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Colin Hodgetts MBE

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